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I live between two cities, can I host in more than one?



  • 1985annalisa

  • 1985annalisa

    [10:50, 17/3/2023] Napoli Sorrento Tours: Hi there! Its Annalisa Tour Local tour guide very unlucky to work with Gabriele Tabanelli italian(  ???? What Is his  COMPETENCE? ) Who knows ?
    [11:01, 17/3/2023] Napoli Sorrento Tours: as you can read i had a 5 star review!
    I'm waiting for people like gabriele tabanelli to reply to my kind request email BUT HE must perhaps speak to the Russian and American president of the republic and he doesn't have time to answer!

    How rude !

    he also blocked me on whats up !

    But what kind of people work with you?

    I would to work as a Local Guide like I dis since 20 years in Naples center and amazing Sorrento ! 
    Do you have another more competent and above all polite ITALIAN or English operator who replies to the HELP and emails from the Local Hosts?

    Or do we have to suffer the likes and dislikes of your operatori ? Is there another competent ITALIAN team person to SPEAK with?

  • 1985annalisa

    I m waiting for gabriele tabanelli relply since JANAURY 2022 !!! IS IT NORMAL ?

    it this COMPETENT ! 


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